“Happy, Successful Students”                  

“I would recommend you to any school seeking a person with a desire to see children become happy, successful students.  Many thanks for all you have done for our students and staff.”

Dr. Jeff Graham, Peralta School, Phoenix, AZ

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"Discover the Secret of Motivating Students to Read Daily and Be Enthusiastic About Their Education"

“How to Get Your Students to Love Reading and Be Excited to Learn Every Day In School.”

Dear School Assembly Coordinator:

Love of reading.  What a wonderful gift to give to a child!  

Isn’t reading the single most important aspect of a child's education?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every student came to school with enthusiasm wanting to learn?  That would make your job and the teachers’ job so much easier.  

As you know, teaching children who don’t want to read and are bored with school is very difficult.  Children are spending a tremendous amount of time watching TV and are letting their education slip by.

If we could just get kids to read for a half hour each day.  Only 30 minutes a day. That’s all it would take.   NOW THAT IS A GREAT GIFT TO GIVE A CHILD.  Get them into the habit of reading everyday for the rest of their lives.

I have a solution to getting kids excited about reading and learning.  I perform an assembly called Reading Is Magic and Education is Fun.

It is a motivating magic school assembly designed to get your students excited about reading and having a positive attitude towards their education.  


 “Positive Message Regarding The Importance Of School, What A Bonus!”

“When I received your brochure in the mail I was looking for an assembly to reward the students for their efforts in the Accelerated Reader Program.  I got more than just an entertaining program but a positive message regarding the importance of school, what a bonus!”

John Kirchenbaur, Pine School, Holtville, CA

All children love magic and are very curious about how the magic tricks are accomplished.  

I explain to them at the very beginning of the assembly that all of the magic tricks they’re going to see can be found in a magic book somewhere.

The magic books will teach them how to do the tricks.   Just that comment drives a lot of children to libraries to start reading magic books.   Isn’t that wonderful?

“Every Child Raced To The Library To Check Out The Books On Magic”

“At the end of your assembly you mentioned going to the nearest library to check out a book on magic.  Every child raced to the library to check out the books on magic.”

Gloria R. Cerda, Pine/Jefferson, San Diego, CA

By presenting myself as a positive role model, I get the children excited about reading and their education.

The message in the assembly is simple:  You can be anything you dream as long as you are willing to study, get an excellent education, and most importantly, read. 

By the end of the assembly your students will understand that the skills they are learning now in school will be with them for the rest of their lives.  And, how important they are to them.

Reading, math, writing, and science are very important in everyone's lives.  Even to a magician, like me.  Hey!  All magic is based on hidden scientific principles.  You knew that, right?  That is because you can read!

Your Students Will Discover And Learn A Lot...

  • Children will actually understand why getting a good education can benefit them. 

  • Children will learn how to overcome adversity and challenges.

  • Children will want to learn math.

  • They will be intrigued about science.

  • Students will rush to the library to read.

  • With reading they’ll learn how they can be anything and achieve their dream.

  • They will discover that reading can be more fun than television.

The assembly is full of a lot of comedy, magical surprises, and audience participation.  Your students will love this assembly.  You will really enjoy seeing the kids laugh and gasp in amazement during the assembly.

And, because they’re having such a good time, they really listen and take to heart the very important messages that I’m teaching them.  The messages are illustrated many times throughout the performance.

You Will Be a Hero To All of The Teachers

I’ve lost count of how many teachers who have come up to thank me for being at their school.  And, how they know the students were really motivated and touched by the performance.

“The Teachers Laugh And Appreciate The Assembly”

The students learn a great deal and have a lot of fun.  The teachers laugh and appreciate the assembly.  The theme is such an important message that it should be shared with all students.  The students really enjoy Mr. Godfrey so I believe that they will listen to what he has to teach.

Mr. Craig Casey, J.W. Oakley Elementary School, Brawley, CA

Many principals have told me that their teachers loved the assembly just as much as the students.  There are lots of teachers who have encouraged their principals to rebook me year after year.

What About Your Special Needs Students?

Do you have any students in your school who are challenged with any handicaps, learning disabilities,  or speech problems?  They will be very touched and encouraged when they hear my success story.  

When I was a kid I had very debilitating asthma. So bad that many times I would be rushed to the hospital gasping for air.  It was a terrible and frightening experience.  

But, because of the asthma, I spent a great deal of time in the school library.  I could not exercise at P.E. because of my health.  It was in my school library where I read my very first magic book.  I literally taught myself how to be a magician in the school library.  

I also had a little bit of a learning disability and had difficulty learning to read, so I had to take extra reading classes.  Now I’m an avid and very fast reader.

Also, I had to take weekly speech lessons from kindergarten all the way through high school so that I could speak clearly and properly. 

Once  your students hear my story of success, they will know that they too can overcome any challenges that they might have.  To me, this is one of the most valuable parts of the assembly that I share with the students.   

“Greatest Assembly We Have Ever Had”

“The president of our SITE Council said it was the greatest assembly we have ever had.”

 Shirley Giese, Del Mar School, Del Mar, CA 

I really believe that a student can accomplish a lot with reading, studying, and having a good education.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or You Don’t Pay A Dime And 

I’llDonate $100 Bucks To Your PTA

If the children at your school do not love my assembly you do not have to pay me.  My competitors wouldn’t dare make that guarantee.  

Not only do you not have to pay me, I’ll donate $100.00 to your school.  That is how sure I am that your students will benefit from experiencing the Reading Is Magic and Education is Fun Assembly. 

I make such a strong guarantee so you can feel completely confident in your decision to use my assembly at your school.  In my 24 years of performing at schools, no one has ever requested their money back.

All Ages Will Enjoy the Performance

The assembly is targeted to your grade level.  I have different versions of the program for students ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade.  Each assembly is 40 minutes long and can be adjusted to fit your school schedule.

“5th-8th Grade Students Enjoyed The Show Just As Much!”

“I knew the younger students would enjoy the show.  However, I have to admit that I was surprised when the 5th-8th grade students enjoyed the show just as much! (they are a tough crowd!)  You have a knack for making the kids laugh, while at the same time encouraging them to stay in school and make smart choices.  Keep up the “magical” work!”

Tracy Fandel, Child’s Primary School, San Diego, CA

Floating One Of Your Students In Mid-Air  

Every year I feature an illusion.  An illusion that you would see in a magic production in a Las Vegas type of show.  The exciting thing is that it is performed with one of your students.  

This year I’ll be floating one of your students in mid-air.  Just imagine the screams of delight when the students see one of their classmates floating in air like a cloud.  It is very exciting and your students and teachers will be talking about it for days. 

Okay, Godfrey, Everything Sounds Great But How Much Will It Cost?

You’ll see that the fees are very reasonable and fair for the quality of school assembly that your students will learn from.  You’ll be very surprised how inexpensive it is to have me educate and motivate your students.      

Prices vary depending upon my routing and also the number of assemblies you’ll need at your school.  The best thing for you to do is to contact me by either calling toll FREE 1-866-713-1714 or email me at godfrey@themagician.com You’ll then receive a proposal created just for you.

“It Was Affordable”

“It was affordable, entertaining and filled with positive messages!  The students loved it!!”

Mrs. Wessel, Larry C. Kennedy School, Phoenix, AZ

Don’t Have Any Money?  You’ll discover a fundraising system that you will be very excited about.  It is very easy and I do most of the work for you.  Just ask me about it.


Please pick up the phone right now and call me, at 1-866-713-1714.  If you have any questions or need additional information, I’ll be happy to help you.  Dates and times are limited so I encourage you to call today.  I promise not to try to “sell” you.  I’ll merely give you the information you need.  No hassles, no pressure.

Pick up the telephone and call me at 1-866-713-1714.  Or, if you prefer, email me at godfrey@themagician.com I’m looking forward to visiting your school!



PS #1:  Remember, I’ll donate $100.00 to your school and you don’t pay me if you are not 100%

satisfied with the Reading is Magic and Education is Fun assembly.

PS #2:  What past schools have to say about me is more important than what I say.

“Students Really Enjoyed The Performance”

“The students really enjoyed the performance.  His message was transmitted through keeping the students' attention and entertaining them.”

Sandra Beasley, Holtville Middle School, Holtville, CA

“Interest Of 300 Middle School Students For 45 Minutes Is A Magician!”

“I wanted to let you know how much the students at Meadowbrook Middle school enjoyed your show.  Anyone that can keep the interest of 300 middle school students for 45 minutes is a magician!”

Melanie Flynn, Meadowbrook Middle School, Poway, CA

PS #3:  The following are just a few of the important concepts your students will discover during this assembly:

  •   Children will actually understand why getting a good education can benefit them. 

  • Children will learn how to overcome adversity and challenges.

  • Children will want to learn math.

  • They will be intrigued about science.

  • Students will rush to the library to read.

  • With reading they’ll learn how they can be anything and achieve their dreams.

  • They will discover that reading can be more fun than television.

PS #4:  Because your students will benefit so much from this wonderful assembly you should pick up the telephone and call Toll FREE at 1-866-713-1714 or email me at godfrey@themagician.com.

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