“Happy, Successful Students”                  

“I would recommend you to any school seeking a person with a desire to see children become happy, successful students.  Many thanks for all you have done for our students and staff.”

Dr. Jeff Graham, Peralta School, Phoenix, AZ

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Who Else Wants To Keep Their Students Drug Free, Healthy, and A Live For A Long Time?
"How Your Students Can Choose To Live Drug-Free!"

See For Yourself Why Principals and Assembly Coordinators Love This Assembly.  Watch The Above Video Now.
Hear What Students Have To Say About The Assembly.  Watch The Above Video Now.


Dear School Assembly Coordinator:

If you want to prevent the students at your school from using drugs, drinking, and smoking, this may be the most important letter you read.

Here’s why. 

The Ultimate Say “No” to Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking Assembly combines entertainment with education so kids are very receptive and take the message to heart.  It’s a fun assembly because it’s full of amazing magic and comedy.  

In a couple of seconds I will tell you about the assembly in detail.

Why I’m Passionate About Keeping Kids Healthy...

  • My father was a wonderful man and a recovering alcoholic.  I saw the devastation and how it nearly destroyed his life.

  • My father died when he was only 67, after a heart operation because he smoked for over 35 years.

  • I’ve heard too many horrific stories from my wife who is an Intensive Care Nurse about the terrible damage that happens to a person’s body when they abuse it with drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

I don’t want any of the children at your school to have to experience what I went through and I want them to live a long, happy life.  I’m sure you do too.

Here’s How The Ultimate Say “No” to Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking Assembly Is Going To Benefit You And Your Students...

This fast-paced, highly entertaining and educational assembly program teaches your students:

✔  Drug avoidance strategies

✔  Why having high self-esteem is important in the fight against drugs

✔  The secret for doing what you know is right

✔  How to be a leader, not a follower

✔  How to handle peer pressure

✔  Exactly what to do when someone offers you drugs

✔  Exactly what to say when someone pushes drugs on you

✔  Why “gateway” drugs (alcohol and tobacco) are important to avoid

✔  Who to turn to and talk with when you have questions, problems, and concerns

Your students will discover all this and MUCH more during my electrifying, The Ultimate Say “No” to Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking assembly.

Why is this assembly so effective at educating children?

It’s NOT Boring!

Study after study have proven that kids learn more and retain more when they enjoy themselves and have fun. Kids do NOT want to sit and listen to a boring lecture on the dangers of using drugs.

“Godfrey continues to provide entertaining assemblies. The students really get involved.  The students enjoy being selected and being active participants.”

-Mr. Pacheco, Jefferson School, Calexico, CA

This assembly teaches children about this very serious and important subject in a fun, positive, and entertaining way.  

By using a variety of performing arts including Magic Tricks, Storytelling, Puppetry, Comedy, and Audience Participation, your students will learn, and most importantly remember, vitally important drug avoidance strategies.

An Assembly Program That Really Does Have An  Enormous And Positive Impact On The Lives Of Our Kids 

A lot of children tell me after the assembly how much they enjoyed it and that they will never try drugs, smoke, or drink.  I’ve even had children stop me at public shows such as the San Diego County Fair to tell me how important it was for them to see the assembly.  

I have hundreds and hundreds of letters from students who love the assemblies that I’ve performed for them.  It’s touching and very gratifying to get feedback like that.  Kids really are neat!

The fact is, because children enjoy the magic, comedy, storytelling, puppetry, etc., they really do absorb the important life-changing strategies.

You know that children need to learn these strategies. I know I can help them and teach them but I need your help to make it happen.

In just a moment, I’ll let you know how you can help your students. But first...

Warning! Don’t Hire Anybody To Perform At Your School Unless They Meet These Requirements:

  They should be a full-time professional performer and specialize in entertaining at schools.  


➜  The entertainer should have at least 10 years experience performing at schools.  


➜  Performance should be age specific.  

The Assembly Should Have a Complete Money-Back Guarantee.

This is the “ultimate test” of whether someone has a strong conviction about what they’re offering or if they’re just full of hot air. If a performer really believes in the quality of their program, they shouldn’t hesitate to guarantee it.

     Speaking of guarantees, here’s my exclusive...

  Better  Than Money Back Guarantee

     My guarantee is simple and straightforward. If you’re not completely satisfied that my program entertained the children and taught them lifelong lessons, you get 100% of your money back PLUS I WILL DONATE $100.00 TO YOUR PTA just for wasting your time.

That’s right. You get the complete fee refunded plus one hundred dollars!

I can’t be fairer than that, can I? There’s no risk for your school whatsoever.  I make this bold guarantee because out of the hundreds and hundreds of schools who have utilized my talents, no one has ever requested their money back.  In fact, many of them use me year after year and recommend me to others.

Here Are The Important Details You’ve Been Waiting For...

The assembly is targeted to your grade level.  I have different versions of the program for students ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade.  Each assembly is 40 minutes long and can be adjusted to fit your school schedule.

You’ll see that the fees are very reasonable and fair for the quality of school assembly that your students will learn from.  You’ll be very surprised how inexpensive it is to have me educate your students.

Prices vary depending upon my routing and also the number of assemblies you’ll need at your school.  The best thing for you do is to contact me by either calling toll FREE 1-866-713-1714 or email me at godfrey@themagician.com.  You’ll then receive a proposal created just for you.

Don’t Have Any Money?  You’ll discover a fundraising system that you will be very excited about.  It is very easy and I do most of the work for you.  Just ask me about it.

Bonus!    You Get The Optical Illusion For FREE

A savings of $75.00.  It looks like one of your student’s head swells to twice its size!  It looks very funny and reinforces the message that will help keep your students safe from drugs, alcohol, and smokingThe children go crazy for this illusion and you’ll get it FREE.


Please pick up the phone right now and call me at 1-866-713-1714.  If you have any questions or need additional information, I’ll be happy to help you.  Dates and times are limited so I encourage you to call today.  I promise not to try to “sell” you.  I’ll merely give you the information you need.  No hassles, no pressure.

Pick up the telephone and call me at 1-866-713-1714.  Or, if you prefer, email me at godfrey@themagician.com.  I’m looking forward to visiting your school!



PS #1 Remember my Better Than Money Back Guarantee- If you’re not completely satisfied that my program taught the children lifelong lessons and entertained them, you get 100% of your money back PLUS I WILL DONATE $100.00 TO YOUR PTA just for wasting your time.          Call 1-866-713-1714 or email me at godfrey@themagician.com.

PS #2 You’ll feel wonderful about the assembly just like these educators.

“I wanted to let you know how much the students at Meadowbrook Middle School enjoyed your show.  Anyone that can keep the interest of 300 middle school students for 45 minutes is a magician!”

-Melanie Flynn, Meadowbrook Middle School, Poway, CA

“The shows were immensely enjoyable for both English and Spanish speaking students alike.”

-Rebecca Mago, Brooklyn School, San Diego, CA

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