“Happy, Successful Students”                  

“I would recommend you to any school seeking a person with a desire to see children become happy, successful students.  Many thanks for all you have done for our students and staff.”

Dr. Jeff Graham, Peralta School, Phoenix, AZ

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"Guaranteed to Make You Look Good and Educate Your Students"

Turn Your Typical School Assembly Into A “Wow! Wasn’t That Fantastic!” School Assembly

You are going to feel very confident to have Godfrey the Magician perform his school assembly at your School.  That’s because he specializes in performing for children and family audiences.  He has been a full time professional magician since 1982.

Don’t you think with that many years of performing experience he’ll really know how to motivate, educate, and entertain the students at your school?

You’ll love hearing the positive comments from all of the students and teachers.  You are going to feel great because you will know that you have done something wonderful to help your students be their best.  

“The Teachers Laugh And Appreciate The Assembly”

The students learn a great deal and have a lot of fun.  The teachers laugh and appreciate the assembly.  The theme is such an important message that it should be shared with all students.  The students really enjoy Mr. Godfrey so I believe that they will listen to what he has to teach.

Mr. Craig Casey, J.W. Oakley Elementary School, Brawley, CA

You Might Even Be Saving A Kid's Life

Who knows?  The Ultimate Say “No” to Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking Assembly may just save one of the kid's life at your school.

                          Discover more information on how to keep your students drug, alcohol, and smoking FREE....   

You will see for yourself that the students are totally focused on participating and learning the vital important messages that Godfrey is teaching.  Kids love magic and they love to laugh.  That is why they just absorb the positive messages in all of his school assemblies.


Your students will be mesmerized and learning just like these children.

Won’t You Feel Super Knowing That You Helped Encourage Kids to Stay in School?

Reading Is Magic and Education is Fun Assembly is guaranteed to help motivate and excite your students to stay in school.  They’ll also discover that reading is fabulous!  Isn’t that a wonderful gift to give a child? -- “The love of reading”   

 “Positive Message Regarding The Importance Of School, What A Bonus!”

“When I received your brochure in the mail I was looking for an assembly to reward the students for their efforts in the Accelerated Reader Program.  I got more than just an entertaining program but a positive message regarding the importance of school, what a bonus!”

John Kirchenbaur, Pine School, Holtville, CA

Learn how to get your students to read more and be excited about their education....


Don’t you think kids having this much fun can’t help but learn valuable lessons during the school assembly?

Your students will really relate to Godfrey because he is just a big kid himself.

Book Godfrey to Perform at Your School Today!

Call Godfrey Toll FREE at 1-866-713-1714 or email him at godfrey@themagician.com

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